Patented Technology


Simple, fun & engaging

Set up and start within two minutes. Handle late arrivals or early departures graciously. Change things up and keep playing seamlessly.

Fathomd gaming technology is based on iterative research and is designed for instructors, by instructors. We gathered feedback and conducted research with professors from all over the globe to know how you teach, what you want to teach and where the challenges lie with respect to gaming in the classroom.


Over the course of two years, we refined these findings down to three critical problems to solve:

  1. Professors are extraordinarily busy and don’t have time to spend learning complex tech

  2. Student player attendance or absence drastically impacts game success

  3. Changing the game mid-flight can crash the platform or impact game effectiveness

Our invention for the academic world with US Patent Publication in 2017, solves these problems directly.

  1. Setting up the game is possible within two minutes with intuitive interfaces

  2. There’s no need to take attendance; players can be added or removed dynamically at all times

  3. Change any game settings and continue uninterrupted without fear of platform failure.

Made by Fathomd, Inc.