Forecast Sharing Game at MIT Sloan

Forecast Sharing Game (FSG) has been launched at MIT Sloan.

The FSG prototype was launched at MIT on Fathomd's newly built gaming platform. This pilot session was run with a focus group of PhD students at MIT Sloan, and received favorable feedback for aiding in the group's experiential learning.

"We are excited to launch the FSG prototype at one of world's best business schools. We value this collaboration with the MIT Sloan School of Management which will help us to increase customer centricity," said Özalp Özer, Chief Educator of Fathomd.

Students participating in this session felt the FSG built stronger intuition and made business concepts easy to retain. Prof. Yanchong Zheng of MIT Sloan who included FSG as part of her curriculum said, "This version of the FSG is ideal for using in class. It took minimal time and effort for me to set up and for the students to join the game. This smooth process allowed us to focus on the key concepts and learning points of the game.”

In the next few months Fathomd will look forward to launching the full platform version at MIT and many other top business schools across the world

Brendan Kennedy