Fathomd New Platform

Fathomd introduces simple yet effective games for higher education.

Dallas, Texas based Fathomd has introduced its new platform - Fathomd V2. With this new version, new functionalities are introduced that ease game play by students and platform management by instructors. Instructors now do not need to take attendance. Late student arrivals or, early departures are no more hassle for the instructor.

“Simple usage of the platform ensures fun experience for every student. Instructors can focus on what they want to teach and not worry about the game at all” said the Chief Educator of Fathomd.

Fathomd is committed to equip students with relevant frameworks / tools that go beyond simple imaginary narratives, but instead ensure that students truly internalize and understand the fundamental business concepts taught. Our games based on business fundamentals reinforce theory and case-based lectures with hands-on discovery of knowledge through an action-based learning experience.

Brendan Kennedy