Bowersox Supply Chain Workshop at MSU

Fathomd Chief Educator, Professor Ozer, spoke to faculty and educators from 15 business schools about his approach to teaching supply chain management concepts at the Bowersox Supply Chain Challenge workshop organized by Michigan State University Broad School of Management. Participants discussed when and how business games can be used effectively to enhance business education and prepare students for management careers.

In addition, Professor Ozer moderated a session in which educators played the Forecast Sharing Game (designed and distributed by Fathomd) to win a prize (a Spartans MSU coffee mug!). The discussions during the debriefing of the game results were livelier than ever - hardly surprising as Supply Chain faculty can be quite competitive and engaging. Later in the day, Professor Ozer also gave an academic research seminar to MSU faculty and PhD students on establishing trust and trustworthiness in global businesses.

Overall, the MSU visit proved a great opportunity for Fathomd to engage with the business education community and discuss new ideas on gaming as a method for teaching fundamental supply chain concepts.

Ozalp Ozer