POMS 2019, Washington D.C.

At the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) annual conference in Washington, D.C., Fathomd Chief Educator, Professor Ozer, was invited to discuss and moderate what is possible in the classroom, using well-crafted business games. During a full house session on May 3rd , 2019, innovative professors and educators from across several universities discussed why, how and when teaching and learning fundamental concepts in OM and SCM through role-based interactive games can create fun, engaging, and effective discussions in the classroom.  

Professors have also presented new games they designed. Participants discussed how these games can contribute to the ecosystem for better learning, engagement and fun during POM related courses. Goochlu Ozenci, Innovation Evangelist at Fathomd, has indicated that Fathomd’s goal is to become a key resource for the POM society and innovative professors around the world and help them design, source and use OM games that are effective in creating fun and interactive learning environment for their students.

Professors also acknowledged that Fathomd’s proposed methodology in creating scientifically validated games makes self-discovery of key concepts interactive, fun and easy for OM students. Professors also concluded that focusing on a few key fundamental concepts, allowing students to observe the outcome of their decisions in a meaningful way, and immediate feedback during the debriefing in class makes games very effective. Engaged students self-discover key concepts, which foster relevant discussions with their instructors.

Fathomd will keep on investing, developing and researching to present new ideas and outcomes next year in 2020 at the 31st Annual POMS.

Goochlu Ozenci