Fathomd Patent Approval

United States Patent Office (USPO) approved Fathomd’s patent application that  was filed on January, 2017. Fathomd, Inc. is now holding a series of patented claims on a method and system for creating, designing, managing and distributing computer-based multi-player games. Fathomd is committed to empowering instructors and learners by means of providing innovative tools and methods to fuel the long needed transformation of the next generation learning environment. Fathomd is working closely with a Boston baised patent law office and USPO to build a portfolio of patents in EdTech space.  

“Patent is a proof of our innovative technology and a concrete step towards establishing a sustainable and scalable organization that can help empower educators and learners.  We are glad that USPO recognized our recent innovations by approving our patent application. We will continue to invest, research, develop and deploy new methods and solutions to empower professors and learners with the support of innovative professors in our ecosystem as well as the monetary support from NSF and our private investors. We strive to deliver on our promise… while also meeting the rigor and high standards set by my colleagues across many business schools.” said Dr. Ozer, Founder and CEO of Fathomd.

Brendan Kennedy